Saint-Tropez – A unique blend

The little fishing port, once used by the Greeks and later the Romans, who exported oils and wines, has become a top destination for celebrities and stars. The exceptional story of Saint-Tropez has combined glitter and luxury with the down-to-earth simplicity of the locals, and blended the intoxicating, vibrant lifestyle with the village's pleasant, laid-back Mediterranean ambiance. A fantastic place to explore at any time of year.


Saint-Tropez – A dream destination

When the name Saint-Tropez is mentioned, images of the sun, luxury, fantastic yachts and film stars immediately come to mind. Here's a brief look at some of the main attractions.

  • The Gulf of Saint-Tropez: a rocky coastline caressed by crystal clear water and dotted with natural coves, views of picturesque villages perched on high, untamed rocky massifs... Best seen by boat. 
  • Pampelonne beach: while it officially belongs to the town of Ramatuelle, Pampelonne beach is part of the legend of Saint-Tropez. With chic beach restaurants and a super-rich clientele, the party never stops here. A sight to behold!
  • Shopping: all of the big names in fashion and luxury have boutiques in Saint-Tropez. Shopping heaven for those looking for the very latest trends. To find out more about the boutiques, click here.

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Our historical and architectural heritage

Saint-Tropez boasts 17 listed sites and monuments. This heritage is testament to the beauty of the place and the richness of its history. Colourful façades with beautiful ochre and orange shades, roof tiles soaking up the Mediterranean sun, a fountain hidden around a bend in the road, the port and its docks, the Citadel... explore the authentic side of Saint-Tropez and you won't be disappointed!

  • The Citadel: a fortification, moats and counterscarps that are part of the history of Saint-Tropez, and which enabled the town to defend itself against coming from the sea and overland. The Citadel has been particularly well restored and is now the Maritime History Museum
  • Old Saint-Tropez: far away from the bustling life on the beaches, take some time out to stroll through the alleys of the old village, whose houses date back to the 15th century. The light plays beautifully on the ochre and orange façades whose shades change as the hours pass. You'll want to come back again and again. 
  • The chapels: the fifteen or so picturesque chapels are often associated with specific trades. Among the most well-known are, La Chapelle Saint-Anne, La Chapelle du Couvent, La Chapelle Saint-Eloi and La Chapelle de la Miséricorde.
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Art and Saint-Tropez: a long history

With exceptional lights, sparkling reflections of water on the façades, the Massif des Maures and its green shades, Saint-Tropez has long attracted painters and artists .It was also the birthplace of the pictorial avant-garde at the beginning of the twentieth century.

  • The Annonciade Museum: opened in 1922, this museum is associated with Paul Signac, who literally fell under the charm of Saint-Tropez during a stopover and later bought a house here. His guests included the likes of Matisse, Derain and Marquet. The works on display are fine examples of the Pointillist, Fauvist and Nabis movements, by major artists such as Bonnard, Braque Dufy, Seurat, Valloton, Utrillo, Vlaminck, and Vuillard.
  • Art galleries : there are no less than a couple of dozen galleries in Saint-Tropez. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics are exhibited by local artists who have become internationally recognised, such as Gérard le Roux. Real little museums.
  • Le Lavoir Vasserot: this former wash house with three basins has been restored as a cultural attraction. It is now a venue for numerous art exhibitions. 
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